JP Flaum


JP bolsters leaders and organizations to reach their highest potential. His revolutionary methods and personal approach empower individuals and transform companies.

Often referred to as the “secret weapon” behind some of the most successful CEO’s on the planet, JP has helped hundreds of leaders achieve results that were first considered unreasonable. For over 20 years, JP has refined his proprietary model of exceptional achievement, inspiring change and fueling results. He is the founder and CEO of Green Peak Partners, the go-to source for pushing teams and organizations to new levels of success. He has coached the CEOs of Restoration Hardware, Bare Escentuals, and General Motors.


JP is a dynamic keynote speaker and regular source for comment in the media. He holds an MBA from Harvard, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. His gritty, no BS style has made him one of the most sought-after CEO coaches and keynote speakers in North America.


Dare to be exceptional, and get ready to take your game to the highest level. See more at:


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